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Finca Buena Vista Las Lajas

About us.

Finca Buena Vista Las Lajas

Our hotel is situated on the outskirt of Las Lajas overlooking a beautiful valley and the mountains surrounding it. We strive to provide you with an unforgettable stay in our area.


This area has much to offer.  From one of the longest beaches of Central America to the Indigenous inhabitants in the interior mountains.

The palm tree lined beach 20 kilometers (13 miles) long is great for a  walk, swimming and surfing or just relaxing with your favorite drink at the El Mundo Beach Bar watching an unforgettable sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

There are many more attractions. We can arrange boat trips thru the mangroves where you might even see some "gators", or possibly a day trip to the mountains where you can visit the indian people and experience a completely different way of life.

Our own "Buena Vista" offers one of the most serene and beautiful views of the mountains  anywhere in the world right from your patio. These and more are all "must do's" for your trip to Panama.
Finca Buena Vista    Las Lajas    Panama